I just say Chocolate! Make your own Raspberry, Matcha and brown Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? When I found this great matcha chocolate recipe from Fitness and Food I couldn’t resist! Life is just so much better with chocolate, right? And the best: this chocolate is not even a sin. It’s made of good and more or less just healthy ingredients.

I was so excited about the matcha one, so I created two other chocolate versions: raspberry and brown chocolate. With the individual topping the chocolates gets really special and super tasty. So give it a try!

Ingredients (base)

  • cacao butter
  • almond butter (same amount as cacao butter)
  • agave syrup
  • vanilla

Ingredients for the different flavors

  • raspberry powder
  • cacao powder
  • or matcha

Topping inspiration/examples

  • cacao nips
  • chopped almonds
  • dried berries
  • dried flowers
  • chia
  • … what ever you like!
I say Chocolate Himbeerschokolade Rezept
Raspberry Chocolate
I say Chocolate Matcha Schokolade Rezept
Matcha Chocolate
I say Chocolate Schokolade Rezept
Brown Chocolate
matcha, strawberry, cacao chocolate self-made

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