Authentic Italian Pasta

I’m a huge pasta fan! If the time permits I make pasta by myself. I made it with one of this old school small pasta machines where you put the dough through until it is perfectly thin. then put on the cutting unit to get some nice pasta out of the thin dough. It was quiet fun. But then I learn the real authentic Italian way to make pasta. It’s actually quit hard work, but it’s worth it! And after the hard work you enjoy the pasta even more 🙂

authentic Italian pasta food factsPut flour, semolina on the table, make a hole in the center to put the eggs and some olive oil in it. Now start to mix and knead until you have a nice dough. Go on with kneading for about 8 to 10 minutes until the dough is quit elastic. Wrap the dough tight in foil and put in the fridge for half an hour.


authentic Italian pasta food facts

authentic Italian pasta food facts


authentic Italian pasta food facts

The Italians all have a wooden pasta board and a pasta rolling pin to get a perfect result. Because the wood with its slightly rough surface stretches the dough and makes it more elastic. But I have neither of them. I use my kitchen table with a smooth surface and a regular rolling pin. It works as well pretty good, so don’t worry.

As the regular rolling pin is much shorter as a pasta rolling pin, you need to cut the dough in some pieces and roll it out step by step. And always keep in mind to pout lots of flour on the dough, because it gets sticky pretty fast and then it tears holes. You really can not put too much flour.

authentic Italian pasta food factsauthentic Italian pasta food factsSo start to roll out the dough from both sides and all directions until you almost my see through it. Then again put flour on the whole dough and start fold it about 5-7 cm from the left and the right side towards the middle. Repeat this until the whole dough is wrapped up from both sides. Fold it now the last time in the middle. Take a big knife (but no serrated knife!) and cut it in small or bigger stripes.

authentic Italian pasta food facts

authentic Italian pasta food facts


Grap the stripes at the last folding and shake it slightly. And there you are with freshly homemade pasta! You can cook and eat them right away or use it the next days. In the fridge they last around two to three days in the freezer they may last three to four weeks.

To give them a special taste, you may put some spinach, herbs, tomato puree, saffron, mushroom powder or whatever you like. Just keep in mind to keep a good balance between wet and dry ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: flour, wholemeal flour, semolina, eggs, olive oil


authentic Italian pasta food facts

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