Grilled avocado with some energizing multicolored salad

Have you ever tried grilled avocado? When grilled the fruits get a different taste and mixed with the grilled flavor they are really delicious!

A perfectly light dinner on a hot summer day! With a roasted hazelnut topping it tastes wonderful. It’s a great idea to combine the same ingredient, like hazelnut, with more than just one component in your meal. Here, the hazelnut has been used as a salad topping as well. This way you can enjoy some nice harmony served on your plate. Barbecued potato wedges with some Merquén spices are the perfect side dish.

Recipe inspiration

Grilled avocado:avocadoes, olive oil, sea salt, roasted hazelnuts

Potato wedges:potatoes, olive oil, Merquén spices, sea salt

Multicolored salad: grated carrots, grated beet root, sliced red radish, raspberries, different sprouts, micro greens, roasted hazelnuts, leaf lettuce

Salad dressing:grilled spring onions, roasted sesame oil, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, Contamiento (sweet Italian vinegar)

Put the peeled avocado halves on the grill, add some olive oil and roast the fruit on a medium heat for some minutes. On the other side of the grill you may roast the potato wedges.

Don’t forget a fresh salad for a nice BBQ dinner. To get a portion of extra vitamins I love using power foods like beet root, green leaf lettuce, red radish, berries, sprouts, micro greens and nuts. These ingredients aren’t only a perfect source of vitamins and power foods. They’re also super tasty! I simply can’t get enough of them!

To add some special note to your salad dressing, roast some spring onions on your barbecue. Once they have cooled down, blend all the dressing ingredients to a creamy dressing. This way the dish gets a nice smoky flavor.

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