Nectarine Galette: a BBQ Dessert

Your BBQ can be used for more than just meat and veggies. You can even roast some delicious desserts like this nectarine galette. 

The roasted nectarine galette topped with sour cream ice cream is the perfect guilt free summer dessert! Are you a sweet tooth? You’re gonna love it then, I promise! JJust look how easy it is to prepare this little dessert!

Don’t forget to prepare the ice cream first and heat up your BBQ with the pizza stone on it to a temperature of 240°C. The best thing is to use a gas barbecue, as you can regulate the heat with it. Never put the stone on the grill afterwards because it may crack due to the high degree of heat difference.

Recipe Inspiration

Ice Cream: sour cream, Greek yoghurt, honey

Short-crust pastry for 4 galettes:

170g flour (a mix of almond flour, oat flour and flaxseed flour)

a pinch of sea salt

2 tbs honey

100g cold butter

1 egg

Galette filling: 3-4 nectarines, grounded almonds, olive oil, chopped pistachio, cardamom, vanilla

You can prepare the ice cream with an ice cream machine or just in your freezer. Using a machine, the ice cream will be ready after two hours while in a freezer it may take a little longer, about three to four hours, depending on the amount of ice cream you want to prepare.

Galette preparation

  1. After preparing the short-crust pastry put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to make it get really cold and firm.
  1. Then cut the dough into four parts (for 4 galettes), roll out the dough and mold it in a more or less round shape.
  1. Put the grounded almonds on the dough but leave a margin of about 2cm empty.
  1. Place the nectarine wedges in circles on the grounded almonds.
  1. Now fold the margins inwards. Coat the nectarine and the pastry margin with a little bit of olive oil and top the galette with pistachio and cardamom.

6. Place the galette on a tray to transport it safely to your BBQ.

7. Roast the galette on your pizza stone for about ten minutes until it is golden.

8. Serve it hot or cold, topped with some delicious sour cream ice cream. So yummy…!

As it’s been a pretty hot day, I let the galettes cool down first before serving them. But they also taste very delicious when hot and combined with cold ice cream! I love putting the ice cream on top of the galette to eat it all together.

Nektarinen Galette Rezept

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